Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bike Drawing vs. Candy Jar Drawing

I liked the candy jar drawing more than the bike drawing. Using colored pencils allowed more room for experimentation and imperfections on the candy jar. Using the graphite pencils for the bike drawing didn't allow much room for anything but a perfect looking bike in my mind (and by the end I was disappointed because I didn't have the perfect bike I had been anticipating). It also involved so much more focus. Drawing the candy was easy and while coloring I didn't pay attention to small details, I just did it.

Candy Jar Drawing

Drawing the jar and the candy was good. Coloring, however, I didn't like much at first. I began by trying to make everything perfect so that it would be realistic looking but it just looked really terrible. Eventually I started scribbling over everything with a white colored pencil, thats where it got fun. I made things look slightly like they were melting so I decided to add to the melted look. I layered lots of colors and pulled everything downward. I'm pretty satisfied with the drawing, I thought it would have turned out much worse.

Bike Drawing

When we first started drawing the bike I felt that I wouldn't be able to do it. It was extremely aggravating, especially when we started adding value. Shading takes a lot of patience and I got overwhelmed thinking about how long it would take before I even started. I thought that i would never finish. I managed to though, and it turned out better than I expected.