Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Art x 3

By the time I was on my final piece, the one I would keep, I had seen my first one and it looked almost the same as when I had worked on it. I was very upset because it would be like someone else had taken my work. I was also having a hard time turning my final piece into something that I liked. It was really selfish of me. When it was finished it turned out well and deviated from what I would have done, which was good. And I ended up creating my own into something that I liked. I needed to learn how to be willing to give things up and be okay with it and I did through this project.

Pop Art Print

For this project we made stamps depicting everyday things. I chose a clifbar for my stamp because I eat them every day and many people know of them. For this print I used a paint brush and layered many colors onto my stamp. When it dried I used colored pencil to brighten it and make it "pop" more. Being able to experiment and make many prints was interesting and fun.

Fortune Cookie Inspired Mixed Media Collage

I had a difficult time with this, I just wanted it to look good and adding a meaning to it made it difficult. I honestly got frustrated and decided to settle on this, the more I look at it though, the more I like it. The numbers are some "lucky numbers" found on the cookies. The orchid I drew in the bottom represents the fortune telling me that I am hospitable, cheerful, and well liked. I think that plants can represent hospitality and they make me cheerful. The figure over the water who's face isn't showing represents the fortune that told me to keep things secret, as well as the face with holes where eyes should be (This could also represent a liar, I also got a fortune about liars).