Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dead Things

It was a fairly hot summer day and I was going to go on a walk. That's all we did in summer, we walked. 
We reached the train tracks and decided to walk alongside them. Where the train tracks were the rocky land was raised. Down on the sides were puddles, trash, plants and dirt. We talked and pointed out the things that we liked; bottles, chunks of pastic, weeds.
Eventually we came across the small skeleton of some animal. It was twisted and there were parts that were obviously broken or missing. It was brown and for the most part the flesh was decomposed. I found a large leaf to wrap around it, I used it to pick the skeleton up. I wanted to clean and identify and keep it. It was beautiful. 
We walked back to my house and placed the skeleton in the grass of my backyard. I would clean it later. We went inside. 
The next day we found a dead cicada, which I also kept.
The next day we walked again.